Alcor is number 6:2 in the Spirit of Hven “Seven Stars” series. This whisky has, as its predecessors, got its name from one of the stars in Ursa Major. The sixth light point in the asterism is a double star, where Alcor together with the somewhat stronger star Mizar builds a pair. Etymological the name derives from the arabic ارّ الخو] al-Khawwar] translating to “the Faint One”. Mizar and Alcor is also referred to as the “horse and rider”.

The mashbill is the same as with 6:1 Mizar; 58,8% lager malt, 35,3% peated malt (38ppm), 5,9% chocolate malt. This single malt whisky is a blend of seven casks. Three casks made of Petraea oak from Allier that previously held Bordeaux Grand Cru; one cask made of Faginea oak from Portugal that previously matured Olorosso sherry; two casks made of Muehlenbergii oak from Missouri that was used to mature Hven Vodka; and one cask of Burgundy Robur oak that used to mature Maculan Torcolato.

Alcor is certified organic and bottled at 45 %vol, without color or other additives, no carbon- or chill filtering. All bottles are individually numbered and waxed by hand.

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