This ”whisky star” is a unique phenomenon of scent and flavours. Created by a small family run distillery situated on the island of Hven, between Denmark and Sweden. This is the first in a series of seven single malt whiskies that will be released from the distillery in limited editions, one per year until 2019.

As inspiration, we have once again turned to the magic above, we saw the northern sky and the asterism Charles Wagon (Big Dipper), the seven brightest stars of the Great Bear. This, the first whisky got its name after the second brightest star of the seven, Dubhe.

Dubhe is a triple star system which is well in line with the distillery philosophy of trinity. It is a medium star in the category of "red giant", on the way to becoming a white dwarf. It takes its name from Arabic "dubb" which means bear. This in turn, comes from the phrase "zahr ad-dubb al-akbar" meaning "the back of the great bear".

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